Optimal Monetary Policy

Together with Prof. Dr. Jan-Egbert Sturm from the KOF Swiss Economic Institute we organized the 2007 Workshop on “Optimal Monetary Policy and Central Bank Communication.” It lasted from Tuesday the 15th of May, through Saturday the 19th of May 2007. Our goal was to bring together top economists from all fields
of monetary policy research, as mentioned above, in order to discuss our results and to initiate better collaboration. Second, we wanted to give students and young researchers from Europe, particularly from Switzerland, the chance to meet and discuss with experienced economists from all over the world.
We are proud and happy that the outcome of this workshop was very favorable for all participants. First of all, it was possible to attract not only excellent researchers but also many economists from various central banks doing more applied work. This mix was interesting for everybody and lead to many fruitful discussions among participants.
The level of the presentations was very high, in general, which is represented by the fact that only about 25% of the submissions were accepted for presentation.
Topics ranged from the effect of political pressures and the effects central bank communications have on exchange rates and interest volatilities up to optimal stabilization policies, search frictions and asset price volatilities, and money in models of multilateral matching. For the whole schedule please consult the homepage of our workshop.

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